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Ordinary threads are used in the magic of many peoples. In the subconscious, they are associated with energy channels. For this, such threads have been used as amulets for centuries.

Psychological aggression, envy, general irritation with everything and everyone is commonplace in today's hectic everyday life. These energy pollutions won't kill you, but they will provoke a series of minor or moderate setbacks. Therefore, you need magical prevention.

Some people enjoy material well-being and others live in poverty. In this article, we will introduce you to rituals and rules for obtaining well-being. To be successful, you must follow the ritual and recommendations exactly and be optimistic about the success of your actions.

You can spend your entire salary and not earn a single dollar. Of course the know-it-all skeptics will say free cheese is only in the mousetrap, but they would be wrong because there are many ways to predispose Fortune.