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Water is one of the strongest substances that carry information. Its properties have been known for a long time. Water has three states liquid, solid and gas. Being in these different states, the water molecule changes its structure. In magical practices there are many rites and rituals that are related to the power of water.

The day of the full moon is considered very mysterious. At this time, the Sun, the Earth and the Moon are on the same line. The full moon is a day of power, and therefore for many magical rituals this day is chosen.

Very often people limit their own happiness. In most cases, they do it unconsciously under the influence of complexes, fears, stress. In this article we offer you a ritual to attract success and happiness.

As they say our home is our fortress in houses and the walls help, but there is a deep meaning in this statement. The walls in your home can help you and protect you from negative influences.