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Symbols of prosperity according to Feng Shui

Eastern sages were convinced that material well-being depends on the inner state of a person. If your inner home is in order, the same will happen to your financial state.

Currently, many Feng Shui symbols and talismans are known. In this article, we will introduce you to these symbols, which will help you to correctly direct energy flows, through which you will attract new material gains.

Aquarium with fish

Fish is a sign of abundance, this symbol calms emotions and directs thoughts in the right direction. Water symbolizes a flow of financial energy. Combining these two energies results in a powerful talisman that will attract material success.

Figure of a cat with raised paw

It is this figurine that will help you attract money to your home.


According to Feng Shui, this plant has a beneficial effect on all spheres of life. The flower promotes material growth through spiritual and personal development.


The very shape of this symbol holds many mysteries and secrets. If you have such a talisman, you will have the opportunity to discover new talents and hidden possibilities in yourself. The pyramid will help you find your calling and achieve your cherished goal.

Symbols for prosperity according to Feng Shui are widely used in Asian countries. In many offices and homes you can see them, of course you can not believe in these things, but think about the rapid development of Asian countries - maybe the inhabitants of these countries use the ancient knowledge for prosperity.

We wish you luck!