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There are various omens, and entire occult schools are engaged in their study. For their predictions, specialists proceed from the situation that the things we wear not only accompany us but also participate in our lives and therefore carry significantly more information than is generally accepted. is considered

When choosing gifts, we strive for them to please the person and at the same time be useful. But it will be necessary to take into account a few more rules related to magical or bioenergetic properties of objects.

Probably, each of us at least once in his life, talking about someone else's illness or injury, has tried to show on himself what and where it hurts - and in response he heard an exclamation: Don't show yourself!

There are many ways to fight this addiction, but not all of them can help. The person on whom rituals were performed after some time begins to feel sadness towards alcohol again and returns to the dangerous habit. For this, we have to turn to the folk methods - names for getting rid of drunkenness.