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How does the energy of objects affect life?

Over the years, each object collects different energies, according to occult teachings, old dishes should be avoided for everyday use. New ones should be kept for guests who come once a year. Why are occultists against the use of such items? In the secret science, every crevice gathers the most unfavorable energy. This energy will affect the owner's self-esteem and health.

But that's not all, the negative energy pushes out of the person his positive energy, with which the joy of life disappears and only emptiness remains. We can solve the problem with a restoration, and then the cracks won't bother us. But the energy with its negative properties does not disappear, therefore the real restoration is an occupation of magicians, which cannot be done by the average statistical person. If these things are your weakness, then observe the following rules. Avoid touching old items to the body and, in good weather, leave them in sunlight.

The vessels in which we prepare the food must be in a pleasant appearance, enameled and without scratches. The positive energy of the dishes also affects the quality of the food.

Clothes and energy

Clothes are a means of creating an image, but its energy penetrates our emotional state and affects our health. Many of you will agree that you feel perfect in some clothes and not in others.

The impact of clothing on the body depends on how long it is in contact with the body. Clothes can be considered a person's second skin, so the contact should be harmonious. The energy of the clothes may or may not be favorable to you, so pay attention to the quality of the fabrics, including the bedding. Of course, synthetics cannot be compared to natural fabrics.

The wave entered people's lives several centuries ago. In it, the primary structure of the animal is found, and in this way the energy of the person is enhanced. The coarser the yarn, the more energy it contains. Pure woolen clothes are good for indecisive and self-confident people to wear.

Cotton can be worn by anyone, it contains a calm energy. Cotton clothes reduce stress and internal tension. In such fabrics, these properties are strongest. Cotton underwear helps you sleep peacefully.

Lena gives a person her coolness. These clothes protect a person's energy and do not allow him to lose strength and protect him from side negative influence.

When buying a suit or fabric, you need to think about whether the energy of the fabric is right for you. Pay attention to the fabrics from which your underwear is made to save yourself a lot of trouble later.