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Magic prevention

Psychological aggression, envy, general irritation with everything and everyone is commonplace in today's hectic everyday life. These energy pollutions won't kill you, but they will provoke a series of minor or moderate setbacks. Therefore, you need magical prevention.

Energy barrier

To protect yourself from other people's bad thoughts, you will need to lock yourself away. The most common way is to cross your arms or legs during contact with a person from whom you can expect trouble. In this way, you close your biofield.

The protection is stronger with the help of a "ring". The thumb and forefinger of one hand is joined with the thumb and forefinger of the other hand, and the three remaining fingers are pressed against each other. This method is often used in China and Japan.

Restoring the energy field

There are situations when quick energy help is needed. For example, after attending an unpleasant event. When you get the chance, hug a donor tree. Donor trees include pine, birch and oak.

Men should touch the tree with their backs. It is better for women to press their chest and stomach against the tree. Stay like this for 10-15 minutes.

Another method that will cleanse and nourish you with fresh bioenergy energy is the following. Find a river and walk along the banks and. If there is a bridge nearby, stand in the middle and throw a coin, that is, you throw away all the problems and troubles that weighed on you now. The water will carry them away and wash them away.

Fire magic will help you. There is a special exercise in it for protection from lessons and evil people. Sit in a comfortable position at a distance of a meter from the candle, direct your gaze to the flame. Watch the flame for 3-5 minutes. Then close your eyes. Imagine that the fire cleanses your body of all the dirt that has accumulated. Visualize black clouds of smoke coming out of you.

Talisman against harmful influence

There are many talismans, but one of the most powerful is a small personal mirror. Always carry it with you in your pocket or bag. The mirror will reflect and return to the attacker all harmful influences, thoughts and words. Don't tell anyone and give your personal mirror because you might get yourself into trouble. And in the evening, wash it off.

With these methods you can protect your biofield and always be in a good mood.