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How to get rid of loneliness?

If your many attempts to start a family have not been successful so far and you are starting to ask yourself the question. And does not the crown of celibacy rest upon me? You can use our tips to change the situation and get rid of loneliness.

The ritual is started on the new moon. Find two pieces of glass and place them under the bed closer to the head. Sleep on them overnight.

In the morning, take the glasses and wash them, put them on top of each other and say three times: One and one makes two and put them in the same place under the bed. During a full moon, wrap the glasses in a new white cloth and say: One and one make two. Such is fate. Go down the third pronunciation again put them under the bed with the words: Lie here and I will not wait long for fate.

Keep the package of glasses until you meet someone you like. And when that happens, take them to where two birches, two maples, or two oaks grow. Then place them between the two trees saying: Lie here and I will follow my destiny.

Turn to the left side and walk without talking to anyone towards home. From the white fabric, make two handkerchiefs, one for you and the other for your partner. Carry them with you at all times, that way no force can separate you.

We wish you luck!