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When the suitcases are packed and there are only a few minutes left before departure, never sew on a suddenly torn button. Do not pick up the needle at all! Otherwise, according to an old belief, misfortune will overtake you on the way. Is it real?

The key is a talisman bringing good luck to any endeavor, you discover new perspectives and opportunities. It was endowed with these magical properties by the magic of which one of the principles reads: Like produces like.

The anchor is a very ancient talisman. They used it even before our era. If a person wanted to protect himself from dangers during a sea voyage, he had to cut an anchor out of stone. The anchor is a Christian sign symbolizing faith and a sign of salvation.

In ancient times, people did not divide time into hours and minutes, the main indicators of time were the rising and setting of the Sun, the position of the stars, the phases of the Moon, the transition of the Moon from one cycle to another was of particular importance for performing magical rituals .