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There are so-called fixed stars in the sky that stand in the same place. Each of these stars has its own individuality and uniqueness. This means that when they fall into a person's horoscope, they can have a great impact on his life. Each zodiac sign has its own star.

In twenty-nine and a half years, Saturn returns to the initial position it was at your birth. This means that around the thirtieth anniversary of your birth, the planet has completed its first cycle.

Scorpio is a sign of action, internal contradictions, crises and transformation. Scorpio is a sign of born fighters, he will spend time, energy, strength and will to find the weak point of his enemy and will wait for a favorable moment when he can defeat him.

Image is an image that people make of others. In the horoscope this corresponds to the ascendant. This is a zodiac sign that rises at the time of your birth. People who know their exact time of birth can understand what other people think and how they perceive them.