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How to protect yourself from the evil eye?

The ancients believed that the eyes were windows to the soul through which evil could enter and wreak havoc. The ancient Romans spat over their left shoulder and thus tried to rid themselves of the curse of the evil eye.

How to determine if we have the influence of evil eyes?

It's a complicated procedure. Because a bad look can be deliberate or accidental, but the result is the same: troubles start happening in a person's life, health, career, personal life are ruined. We can let intuition handle everything, or we can try to fix these things ourselves. There are several ways to diagnose the negative impact of bad eyesight.

First this is the pendulum, we mentally ask it if we have a negative impact from bad eyesight? If it begins to move to the left and to the right, the answer is affirmative, but if it turns in a circle, then our concerns are not justified.

We can also clear negative energy if there is any with the help of a black cat. We take the animal with us on our knees and observe its reactions. If he starts to act anxious, growl, scratch or run away from you, it means that something with your energy is wrong and you need to take measures.

It should also be taken into account that you can only encode yourself by repeating yourself. I'm a loser, I'm not beautiful, nobody loves me. Get these thoughts out of your head and then you can proceed to the relevant rituals.

A wax candle is needed to perform the ritual. Light it and start moving it in circular motions along your body. By speaking and feeling the fire cleanses me and brings me joy, love and beauty. Religious people can also say a certain prayer. It is possible that a candle in certain places of your body will begin to crackle or give off black smoke. This means that you have to work more carefully or seek the assistance of a specialist.

Another way to clear negative influence is to use an egg as a symbol of life. The egg moves in a circular motion all over your body and in this way it will collect the negativity. After the procedure, bury the egg in the ground.

The color red has had the reputation of being able to protect a person from negative influence since ancient Rome. Nowadays, red threads or bands worn on the right hand for protection are common.

In order to protect you, it is not desirable for the newborn to be visited and seen by strangers during a period of forty-two days. In occultism, it is believed that it is during this period that the astral body of the child is formed.

Taking into account these recommendations and practices, you yourself will be able to get rid of the negative impact of evil eyes.