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Nettle - magical properties

Nettle has a wide range of magical properties, but many people underestimate the power of this plant and consider it a weed.

Nettles have always had a negative attitude, it was believed to be a diabolical plant that brings only misfortune.

Magical properties

Nettle is used as a means of protection against negative energy, enemies and misfortunes.

How to use nettle?

If you carry nettle leaves in your bag, you will protect yourself from the evil eye and negative intentions of people.

If a person suffering from rheumatism is given nettle soup, he will get rid of the pain.

If you put a bouquet of nettles by the front door, it will protect you from unexpected guests and save you from bad thoughts.

Nettle is a powerful tool for clearing the home of negative energy.

On a waning Moon, place a few nettle leaves in each corner of your home. After the leaves wither, collect them and throw them in running water.

Fill a tub with water and put one or two fresh nettle leaves in it. Lie down in it for a few minutes, through this procedure you will preserve your youth, get rid of bad mood and anxious thoughts.

The conclusion is that nettle is a useful plant with strong cleansing properties.