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New Moon Magical Rituals

On the day of the new moon, clean your entire home. Wash the windows and all the rooms in your home. Spray the entire home with salted water, this way you will energetically clean your home. Light a scented candle and draw a horizontal eight in the air with it.

Wish list

Cut out isosceles triangles from red paper and write your wishes on them. Put these wishes of yours under your own photograph and take them to the southern sector of your home. It is very likely that many of your wishes will come true by the next new moon.

Glass of water

The ritual begins on the new moon

Write on a piece of paper

I am a very charming person

I radiate charm and love

I am a luminous being

I attract to myself men, women - depending on the gender you wish to attract

My wife, a man will find me

Place this list under the glass of water, rub your hands together and cup the glass with your hands, imagine your energy filling the water, and then drink it.

Do this procedure in the morning after getting up and in the evening before going to sleep. Your wish will surely come true.

Ritual has been tested with various wishes, works great.