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The threads of destiny

Ordinary threads are used in the magic of many peoples. In the subconscious, they are associated with energy channels. For this, such threads have been used as amulets for centuries.

Three woolen threads wound on the wrist of the right hand from orange to red color help to restore the body in case of illness. This amulet brings health. It is best if the thread is wrapped three times around the hand. If the disease is prolonged, the threads are wound around the waist.

Three woolen threads of red color are also used as protection in case of attack.

Threads in orange and yellow color, protect against sorcery, lessons and magical effects.

White threads protect from surprises, unpleasant situations. They help in learning and memory development.

Blue threads help to achieve knowledge, communication skills, make a person a pleasant interlocutor.

Blue and violet threads help in acquiring knowledge and protect against misfortunes and dangerous situations.

Green threads protect against fraud and theft.

Thread combinations

The green and red thread to attract love, protect against hatred and hostility. Used to protect small children from evil and envious eyes.

Blue and red threads help to successfully conclude cases, help in business negotiations and making the right decisions.

Red, white, green, blue thread colors help protect people whose activity is related to public speaking.

Cotton threads are used for protection against spells and spells.

Silk threads are used to attract love.

The excited for protection and restoration. It is believed that the wave can restore the energy of the human body.


Where threads exist there will always be room for a knot. A knot is tied in case you want to seal the moment in your memory.

There is another direction related to the magic of knots - the one where you tie a knot to get rid of an illness. In this case, the thread is associated with the channels through which the energy of the disease flows, and tying the thread symbolizes its blockage.

To get rid of the disease, use woolen threads and tie them around the waist, try to make the knots in the area of the solar plexus. In case of general weakness, red threads are tied on the wrists of both hands, wrapping them clockwise several times. Green threads are used to treat diseases of the soul and heart, blue threads for headaches.