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Dangerous Esoteric Souvenirs

You have thought about the question that after contact with a certain person you feel like a squeezed lemon, in this case, perhaps it is about contact with an energy vampire. This term refers to people who absorb other people's energy. First of all, we must note that the human body is covered with a so-called energy shell.

Energy vampires can be divided into two types: natural and unnatural

Naturals - absorb energy from their parents and from their children. This variety of energy vampires operates in automatic mode.

The unnatural or pathological is distinguished from the natural by its desire to provoke conflict in order to procure its missing energy. In such scenarios, various forms of unnatural energy draining develop. As a rule, pathological vampires have low health, and their energy sheaths resemble a sieve through which their life energy flows.

The next indicator that we should pay attention to is energy compatibility. It is no secret to anyone that contacts with some people give us pleasure and many pleasant moments, while contacts with others give us low self-esteem.

Here the question arises from the standpoint of energy compatibility. Such a method of establishing energy compatibility is the digital method. Tai is based on the day, month and year of birth.

For example, a person born on February 17, 1986, we add all the numbers and reduce them and get the number 7, this person is an energy donor and gives his energy to other people

Meanings of numbers

1,2,3,4 – are energy vampires

5 and 6- are neutral, they neither use other people's energy nor give it away

7,8,9 – are energy donors, they give energy to other people

10- which can give off energy when needed

Knowing these parameters, we can predict the development of relations between one person and another.

The methods of protection are not to contact such people who after contact with them we feel uncomfortable, or if necessary due to reasons and circumstances beyond our control, after contact with such people to wash our face and hands with water and leave them to dry by itself.