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Key - talisman

The key is a talisman bringing good luck to any endeavor, you discover new perspectives and opportunities. It was endowed with these magical properties by the magic of which one of the principles reads: Like produces like.

Everything is very simple, each key opens something, it is a tool, you unlock different doors, with the help of which a person gets access to the cherished goal.

A golden key

The golden key is a faithful companion of anyone who has decided to deviate from the beaten path and start something new. For example, you have been in business all your life, but you dreamed of a career as a musician. The golden key as a talisman will help you realize your dreams. An analogue of this talisman is the figurine of a turtle with a key in its mouth. It is best to carry these talismans with you at all times.

The silver key

The silver key is a hope and support for schoolchildren and students, because it helps to quickly learn new material and helps to quickly navigate in the large flow of information.

For beginning businessmen, it is appropriate to get a silver key to carry in conjunction with other keys. This key will provide them with good financial flow and the favor of financial structures.

A simple chain of keys can also have the power of a talisman if you hang it in a prominent place at home or in the office. In both places, peace and tranquility will instantly reign, and income will certainly increase in the office.

A chain of keys hanging above the front door not only protects the home from uninvited guests, but also keeps the household together, but to do all this, you need to choose one place to keep the keys and not move them anymore.

Transparent key

The transparent glass or rock crystal key is recommended for those who are interested in everything unknown, such as novice spiritualists, mediums, diviners, astrologers. With such a guide, their journeys to other worlds will become more interesting and fruitful.

A key to the heart of the beloved

To be the beloved next to you, always wear a key in the form of a locket around your neck and it must be made of yellow metal. With the help of the key, you will also be able to increase your sex appeal. You can also do the following procedure. Buy a new small padlock, open it and put it under the bed, but when your beloved falls asleep, lock it. Then throw the padlock into water and keep the key with you at all times.

The bracelet with hanging keys on them are an ideal means of combating excessive modesty and stiffness. Such bracelets can be worn on the hand, however, if you need a new lover, put them on your leg and you will not have the peace of men.