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Rituals for realization of financial wishes

In order to realize financial wishes, you need to constantly visualize your set goals as realized. By doing these rituals you will show the universe that you need the amount of money to meet your immediate needs.


At the rising of the Sun on a waxing Moon, take a vessel of pure water, and when the sun's rays illuminate the water say: As the water pours upon me, so may the money come to me. Read it 12 times wash your face with this water and wipe it with a new white towel. Put the towel away and wear it for 30 days.

Buy a new broom and start cleaning houses early in the morning on a waxing moon. The only condition you have to follow is to sweep from the threshold of each room to the center of the room. During cleaning, say: Garbage out of money with me. When you are done cleaning, collect the trash and throw it outside in the container. Place the broom on the front door with the handle down. You can repeat this ritual at the beginning of each lunar month, the only condition is that you use a new broom each time.

Take your purse or wallet and put it on the windowsill during a waxing Moon and say: As there are stars in the sky so be the money in the purse. This name is read three evenings before sleep.

By performing these rituals, after some time you may be offered a higher-paying job, realize a profitable deal, win the lottery, and you may even find a way out of a difficult financial situation yourself and your life may change in a positive direction.