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How to get rid of envious people - energy protection

As a rule, the reason for the envy and negative attitude of those around you is formed by the qualities of the person. Pride and ambition always attract attention and hatred from ill-wishers. If the ill-wishers are hostile, then your energy shell is deformed and for this problems arise, which lead to disease states and financial losses.

Negative information and thoughts take a lot of energy and destroy the field of success. When several people treat you with hostility, your energy weakens and attracts unpleasant situations like a magnet.
How to protect ourselves from the negative impact of ill-wishers

Many religious teachings use the practice of forgiveness, simply to forgive the envious and to treat the enemy with love. This is difficult to do. On the other hand, insult and hatred provoke ill-wishers to bad deeds and actions. The most effective way of protection from enemies and envious people is to strengthen our spiritual forces and create a protective shell of our biofield. It is very important not to allow discouragement and learn to control our emotions. It is desirable to keep in mind that our energy field is vulnerable when it is at the peak of an emotion. Energy vampires try to create conflict that causes irritation and aggression in order to gain life force. By remaining in a calm and peaceful state, your energy body will maintain a harmonious structure.
Protection in direct contact with ill-wishers

During direct contact with ill-wishers, you can use the technique of returning negative energy. At such a moment you must think or whisper. Take away your evil. Give me strength and success. With confidence on your part, this method has a great effect.
Daily morning methodology for protection from external negative events.

In order to create energy protection, it is necessary to strengthen our energy shell within forty days. In the morning take twelve deep breaths. Relax . Feel all areas of your body. Imagine that there is a large ball of fire in the stomach area, which you rotate clockwise. This way you will feel warmth all over your body. During the exercise, try to be calm.
Evening cleansing of negative energy.

Clean water is used for the procedure. Place a glass of water between your hands and mentally visualize the water filling with life force. Then drink it in small sips. Imagine the water reaching every cell in your body and dissolving all the accumulated negativity.

Every day, each of us brushes our teeth and performs a series of procedures, but there are few who take care of their biofield.

By performing these practices you are trying to create a defense against envious and hostile people.