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Magic with an apple

Apple magic is a way to win a man's love. The magical fruits of this calling have been known since time immemorial and everyone who has performed this rite shares their positive results.

The apple symbolizes love energy. If you suffer from unrequited love, this ritual will allow you to win the favor of your partner. Unlike other magical rituals, calling with an apple acts quickly and strongly on a person's energy field.

Peculiarities of the magical ritual with an apple

It is important to know that it is necessary to choose a suitable apple, it will play an important role in the ritual. The apple should be red and attract the person's attention.

Before taking action, it is important to set yourself up. Visualize in your mind the image of the object for which the magic is intended.

Take a sharp knife and cut the apple into two equal parts. Cut out the core. On a piece of paper, write your name and the name of your beloved. Place the leaves in the core. Place the other half of the apple on top. Tie the apple with a red silk ribbon and put the apple in a sunny place.

After the apple dries up, you will feel how your loved one's relationship to you changes.

If the apple begins to rot, you obviously chose the wrong person or performed the ritual incorrectly.

If the apple is untied for no apparent reason, it means that the higher forces are not on your side or the time for performing the ritual was not chosen appropriately.

The ritual does not deprive the person of will, but strengthens the person's sympathy for the performer.

Do everything carefully and you will surely have positive results.