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How to determine our energy state?

Fire in magic has always been an indicator of a person's physical and mental state. The energy state of a person can be determined by the flame of the candle.

To perform the ritual, it is necessary to turn off the light and light the candle. Carefully watch the flame and try not to think about anything.

Then wrap your hands around the candle flame and watch.

If the candle burns normally, it means that your energy state is good and you don't have to worry about anything.

If a lot of wax starts to drip from the candle, it means that you are not emotionally stable.

If after the candle goes out, the wax continues to drip, it means that you have an ill-wisher who will cause you problems and troubles.

If the lines of the melted wax cross the candle, this is not a good sign, a possible illness.

If the candle goes out as soon as you put your hands near it, it predicts that you need to get rid of everything unnecessary, which, in your opinion, makes your life miserable.

If the candle starts to crackle, it means that you need to get rid of your negative emotions.

If black smoke starts coming out of the candle - you have no strength and you are in a difficult period of life.

During the ritual, you can get rid of the negative influence. For this, it is necessary to put your palms over the flame and move them in a clockwise circle. At the same time, mentally ask for forgiveness from those whom you have offended, offended, hurt.

This ritual can be done once a month on a waning Moon.