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Mascot with the image of a bear

A talisman with the image of a bear has great protective power. Tai will endow you with courage and determination, sharpen your intuition and save you from many troubles. Because the bear is a symbol of leadership, but at the same time caution.

The bear talisman is especially useful for people who lack vitality and energy, as well as for those who are too carefree and constantly fall into questionable situations.

The gold ornament with the image of a bear - a ring, bracelet or medallion will help its owner to gain leadership positions in the team. A person with a weak voice needs this talisman twice as much. The wise bear will make others listen to your words. If the bear on the product is toothy, you will emerge victorious in any situation.

The silver bear talisman is suitable in extreme situations, it will tell you the correct course of action. Anna will help the sick to spend their vital energy correctly.

Massive silver rings with the image of a bear endow its owner with great power, so the ornament must be worn carefully so as not to fall into an aggressive state.

An ornament with the image of a bear made of any other metal gives its owner foresight, which will allow him to avoid many dangers. In addition, this talisman will help its owner to get rid of many complexes and internal barriers that a person creates for himself.

The bear made of amethyst is called to fight drunkenness. It is a good gift for a person who is unrestrained in drinking.

The amber bear brings strength, luck and health, protects against gossipers and envious people.

Mahogany Bears struggle with flattery and pretension. They are suitable for all kinds of bosses to find out who is who in their environment in time.

Teddy bears are born peacemakers. They set the person in a positive mood, calm him down and help him contain negative emotions. All teddy bears can be divided into two types according to the color, white and brown.

Brown bears will be useful to those people who tend to waste, deal with many things and have a hard time bringing things to an end. Thanks to them, they will be able to properly organize their work and free time and separate the main from the secondary . With such an ally, people are sure to achieve success.

The white bear is called to harmonize the soul and at the same time the home atmosphere. The talisman will help relieve fatigue, for this it will be enough just to sit in the armchair for five minutes hugging the teddy bear.