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How to get rid of drunkenness?

There are many ways to fight this addiction, but not all of them can help. The person on whom rituals were performed after some time begins to feel sadness towards alcohol again and returns to the dangerous habit. For this, we have to turn to the folk methods - names for getting rid of drunkenness.

In order to have a positive effect from the rituals, you need to follow certain rules.

You should not tell anyone from your environment, even those closest to you, what you have decided to do. You must keep everything a secret even after the ritual has worked.

These rituals are done up to 2-3 days before the new moon. It is also necessary to choose the right day, women can perform the ritual on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, and men on the other days of the week, but on Sunday both sexes should not perform this ritual.

Calling a waning moon is done the day before a new moon.

Look at the Moon and say: As the Moon wanes, so does my addiction to alcohol. New Moon opens a new life for me. God helps. Amen. After that, don't look at the moon anymore because the effect will diminish.

Calling photography, this ritual is done in relation to a person who does not want to get rid of alcohol addiction on his own, do not forget that the ritual can also be carried out in secret from him.

To perform the ritual, you need to get holy water and a photo of the person suffering from this addiction.

On the picture, name: Water cleanses the body and spirit, water will save you from drunkenness. Just as righteous people do not drink alcohol, and you say its name, forget its taste, and the water for you will taste like your wine. Your addiction is over. God helps. Amen!

Then sprinkle some of the holy water on the photograph and cross it three times. Hide the photograph so that no one will find it, and give the rest of the water to the person you called him.

This name is given to men of the male gender, man, brother, father. The naming is read over a jug of water, which water is added to the addict's food for seven days. On the jug of water say: Clean water, sinless water, you give life to all. Give new life to the one who says the name, cleanse him from sin and deliver him from this addiction. Amen!

In no case do not pour from this water into alcohol, in such a case the naming gives the opposite effect.