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What we don't know about photography

In the past, they used the personal belongings of the target victim to perform magic. Nowadays, all this has been replaced by the readily available photograph.

The person in the photo transmits a particle of his energy. Through the photo, the experienced psychic can determine the place where this person is at the moment. To diagnose diseases from which he suffers and even to predict his future. For this, photography can be used for various purposes.

What do you need to know to protect yourself from magical influence through photography?

There are enough simple ways to reduce the dangers of magical influence through photography.

It is not desirable to take pictures next to people you don't like.

It is not recommended to give pictures to strangers or take pictures with them.

Photos of deceased loved ones or acquaintances should be removed from family photo albums.

The process of photographing is related to a person's loss of part of his energy. That's why you shouldn't take many pictures of the same person.

Photos of sick people are not recommended.

When you take pictures of nature, you should keep in mind that poplar and aspen are plants that take energy from people, and oak, birch, pine, on the contrary, give energy to people.

The most suitable for nature photos are the field colors daisies and violets.