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With attention to detail

There are various omens, and entire occult schools are engaged in their study. For their predictions, specialists proceed from the situation that the things we wear not only accompany us but also participate in our lives and therefore carry significantly more information than is generally accepted. is considered

Here are some observations and tips:

If you buckled up incorrectly in the morning, this is a sign that an important creative idea may occur to you during the day.

If your left shoe is untied, some will gossip about you, if it is on your right shoe, some will praise you and say nice things about you.

If a small stone got into your shoe, it is a sign that you will receive unexpected money in two days.

If the current on your right shoe goes out - expect a meeting with an old friend, and on the left, you will lose a friend this week.

You found a hole on the toe of your right sock - your mental abilities will be sharpened, on the left you will make incorrect decisions.

You spilled liquid on your cheek - today your old wish will come true.

If you spill liquid on your knee, you will make bad decisions.

Without wanting to, you tore your clothes - a sudden financial blow awaits you today.