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With attention to gifts

When choosing gifts, we strive for them to please the person and at the same time be useful. But it will be necessary to take into account a few more rules related to magical or bioenergetic properties of objects.

First of all, knives and any sharp objects should not be given as gifts under any circumstances. These items will inevitably contribute to conflict in your relationship without you even wanting it.

Another gift that is not preferable is the watch. It will not change the fate of the one who gives it as a gift. But in the future, your love, friendship and partnership will last just as long as the clock runs. If it breaks, your relationship will end. This also applies to lighters and other devices intended for personal use. We will also have to take the vases and decorative plates here. If you break them, a serious rift will appear in your relationship or a complete rupture will occur.

The energy of gifted glasses works differently. It is believed that the one who will wear them will look at the world through your eyes. It is even possible that his character will change and resemble yours. Consider whether you need this.

Things are not so simple with pens. If you want to lead someone inconspicuously and subjugate the person to your own will, then a pen is the best gift. But before you give it to him, wear it close to your body for a while.

It is also not desirable to give away scarves, napkins, towels. All these objects predict separation, and most often with a scandal.

This also applies to gloves, and the initiative for parting will come from the person to whom you gave gloves.

At the same time, a gift of shoes helps to strengthen interpersonal relationships, but under one condition, they must be tailored to the person to whom you give them.

Perfumes and colognes can introduce a fair amount of hypocrisy and deceit into a relationship. That is why it is advisable to be careful with them as well.

As for alcoholic beverages, they should not be consumed for the health of the one to whom you gave it as a gift. Soon after that, the person may get sick, and the culprit will be you.

The most neutral gift in terms of energy impact is the bouquet. You can use any flowers as long as they appeal to the recipient.