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What is the difference between an amulet and a talisman?

The difference is that the word talisman came from the east from the Arabic language and means a thing in which magical power is locked. The word amulet originates from the Latin word amuletov or the Arabic hamala which means the same.

Types of talismans

The knots

One of the most common talismans is knots. Some peoples believe that natural elements can be controlled by means of knots. For example, Norwegian fishermen, going out to sea, bought orbs with good winds from magicians.

In Finland it was believed that sorcerers could bind the force of the wind in three knots. If the first knot is untied, a light wind will blow in the second, stronger and in the third a hurricane.

The power of the stone

Some stones help achieve certain desires.

Jasper ensures victory, but only to strong and believing people.
Sapphire is a talisman of the wise, of people who know what they want from life. It is best worn on the left hand.

Granite gives power over people, helps the purposeful and the seekers to find the right path. For this, it is recognized as a talisman of travelers.

Jade is a sacred stone for the Chinese, the stone promotes change.

Stones of happiness and luck

For example, ruby is a stone of joy, it attracts love, gives strength and heals the heart and brain. This stone is best worn on the ring finger.

The magic crystal best predicts the future and helps to communicate with spirits.

Common things used for talismans

Common stone or river stone with a natural opening is very important. Even the Celts valued them as powerful amulets.

Another strong amulet is the key. The strongest talisman is a key from an old chest. A key to a door is a key to a person's destiny.

Ever since money appeared, money has been a powerful amulet. Chinese money with a hole in the middle is suitable for this purpose. It is best to tie three coins with a red thread and carry them in the purse.

The most popular Arabic talisman is the image of an eye.

But whatever talisman in it must be believed, then it will bring you luck.