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Language of higher powers

Every person has a Guardian Angel, but not everyone communicates with him. All people turn to invisible forces for help when needed. Not understanding how the laws of the invisible world work results in our requests failing or not reaching the right address.

Establishing a relationship with your Guardian Angel is necessary for every person. The right approach only strengthens the contact. Our Guardian Angel communicates with us in their language, but ignorance of elementary laws often leads to negative consequences. They talk to us all the time, but we rarely talk to them.

Language of Intuition - Listen to your intuition it is the voice of your Guardian Angel. Do not be afraid of illuminations, they will prompt and guide you. If you are joyful and happy, then you are on the right path in a given situation. If you were hard and difficult you should not do what you intended.

The language of punishments - This is like an accident, you fell, sprained your leg, burned yourself. If a person does not understand these signals and these incidents are repeated several times, it means that he has not learned from the situation and it can develop into even more - unfavorable light.

Language of the situation - If a person has deviated from his karmic task then the language of the situation is involved. The family is destroyed, financial collapse occurs. These facts warn the person that he is not on the right path. If a person understands why this happens, the situation will change.

Language of Destruction - Everything precious to you begins to crumble. If it's important, the money disappears. Diseases begin to plague you. If a person understands why he is punished, the punishment disappears.

Language of personal contact - A person comes to the psychologist, the astrologer, and there the cause-and-effect relationships and events are clarified. After these consultations one has two courses of action either to accept the advice of the specialists or to remain in the same position.

A person must understand that failures and illnesses during his life path are not accidental. Tai must understand the task with which he came to earth and thus harmonize his condition. Not to give in to the pursuit of passions and excessive desires.

Pray to your Guardian Angel and he will help you. Remember the Guardian Angel is a highly moral being. Approach him sincerely. The more you contact him, the stronger your contacts will be. You should not seek help for bad deeds.

When you leave home, don't forget the prayer.

My angel, be with me!

You go ahead. Me after you!