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The magic of candles

It's hard to imagine the holidays without candles. For example, a birthday - how can we celebrate it without a cake and candles?

In the Middle Ages in Europe, people became interested in the rites of the Egyptian magicians, paying great attention to the color of the candles. White, red, green and silver candles were especially popular.

White candles were used to attract spiritual forces, break curses and teach lessons. They symbolize in alchemy the feminine principle.

The male beginning is represented by the red candles, not a single celebration was complete without them.

Silver candles contributed to the development of intuition and sharpening of the subconscious.

Gradually, the fashion of colored candles penetrated into secular society. They began to match them with the various zodiac signs.

Red candles were intended for the signs of Scorpio and Aries. They enhanced sexuality and passion and gave strength and health.

The pink candles symbolized the representatives of the zodiac sign Cancer, you give people love, friendship and harmony.

The orange ones corresponded to the sign of Taurus. They helped the representatives of the zodiac to be brave, sociable and quickly resolve controversial issues.

Yellow candles were intended for the representatives of the zodiac signs Virgo and Gemini. They gave people confidence and developed memory.

The green ones referred to the representatives of the sign Sagittarius. They treated, gave material well-being. Contribute to prosperity and good luck.

The blue ones served Aquarius and Virgo, with them physical and spiritual balance was achieved. They also contributed to the development of creative gifts.

The violet color was for Pisces and Libra. Candles with this color helped to remove curses, lessons and activated the protective powers of a person.

Golden candles belonged to the sign of Leo. They protected and ensured success in studies and work.

Today, candles are becoming fashionable again. They are lit on various occasions, but usually few people pay attention to the correspondence between the color of the candle and the zodiac sign, and even more so what they can be useful for.

With this article, we aim to fill these gaps.