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Every person comes to this world at a specific time with a specific purpose. For some people, this earthly path will be filled with many auspicious events, a reward from fate, and for others, they will have to endure harsh karmic lessons to clear their past transgressions and start fresh.

An auspicious day for a wedding is an important starting point that can affect a person's family life. This date must be taken into account for both future spouses. Your personal astrologer can calculate the most suitable day for you, but you can also not refer to him and simply follow the rules laid out in this article.

On some days, people easily cope with foreign influence, and on others, they feel fear or apathy for no reason at all. The answers to these questions are hidden in the lunar calendar, and more precisely in several lunar days with unfavorable energy.

According to ancient astrology, seven days of the week correspond to seven planets. Each planet has its own influence on the events of the day, dreams, self-esteem. If you wish to use the power of the planets by day of the week, you can use the advice of the ancient astrologers, and plan your affairs in accordance with these influences.

With the help of the horoscope for compatibility, you can find out the future of the relationship between the partners, character traits, how they will deal with domestic problems, whether it will be possible to preserve the love between them.