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Troubled days in the Lunar calendar

On some days, people easily cope with foreign influence, and on others, they feel fear or apathy for no reason at all. The answers to these questions are hidden in the lunar calendar, and more precisely in several lunar days with unfavorable energy.

In this article, we will tell you when such days occur, what you can expect and how to avoid trouble.

There are five days in the Lunar calendar when dark forces are very active and people manifest their most negative qualities. As a rule, it is precisely on such lunar days that people make the most mistakes. During these days, plans and relationships fail, chronic diseases worsen. The nervous system is subjected to serious tests, phobias appear, people lose their mental balance. It is at this moment that people must realize that the reason for what is happening is not caused by them but by the Lunar Days and take adequate measures.

For each such day there are methods by which we can limit the adverse impact.

9 Lunar day

On this Lunar day, people tend to believe bad premonitions. Optimism betrays its positions and the nervous breakdown takes its peak, which leads to quarrels with those around. On this day, people are easily deceived and fall into the networks of crooks.

Protection methods

During the 9th lunar day, it is desirable to avoid important negotiations, not to start new projects. In addition, people should limit the consumption of coffee, avoid crowds and contact with unknown people, and most importantly, do not suggest bad things to themselves.

15 Lunar day

During this day, people are exposed to the danger of the influence of energy vampires, their vitality drops, they suffer from headaches and joint pain. According to statistics, there are many thefts and violations of public order on this lunar day.

Protection methods

On this Lunar day, do not contact people who have negative emotions, do not drink alcohol, read prayers or meditate.

19 Lunar day

On this Lunar day, people should beware of clever manipulators and provocateurs. People are easily inspired by other people's ideas, not realizing that they are falling into the nets of manipulators. Fears and dark thoughts come to light.

Protection methods

    A cool shower should be taken in the morning. During the day, gloomy thoughts should not be allowed to take hold. On this Lunar day, it is desirable not to make any promises and not to sign any contracts. Do not drink alcohol and do not come into contact with drunk people.

23 Lunar day

During this Lunar day, chronic and hereditary diseases are exacerbated. The temperature may also rise. Anxiety and depressive states appear in many people, things do not go as planned, aggressiveness increases. Conflicts flare up over a wrong word or gesture. Wishful thinking and unrealistic ideas arise. Family scandals and sexual crimes are on the rise.

Protection methods

During this lunar day, disputes should be avoided, prevention of chronic diseases should be carried out. Spicy food should not be consumed and people should not be provoked.

29 Lunar day

This Lunar day is very negative. It can be said that this is the most negative of the Lunar days. So, we will not repeat the negative symptoms and we will move on to the methods of protection

Protection methods

During this Lunar day, people should avoid dark rooms, crowds, refrain from using alcohol and do not overdose on the medicines they have to take. At the beginning and at the end of the day take a cool shower.

Troubled days in the Lunar calendar often become the culprits of our troubles, losses or troubles. Learn to fight this negative influence and these problems will disappear from your life.