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As is known, the human horoscope is based on the location of the planets. Many people accept the movement of the planets as natural, but not everyone knows that the planets in the horoscope do not start acting immediately after the birth of the person, they are included gradually one after the other.

Specialists in the field of esotericism believe that the Moon exerts a powerful influence on the subconscious of every person. This influence is especially strong during sleep. Dreams contain a lot of useful information. Therefore, it is desirable to carefully treat them and try to decipher the received messages. Usually the content of the dream depends on the phase of the moon.

Life is full of lucky chances and opportunities. From an astrological point of view, our reaction and unexpected twists of fate are represented by the Sun. Approximately every 30 days it moves from one sign to another. The representatives of each sign are guided in their actions by different elements: fire, air, earth, water.

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