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Types of women according to the eastern horoscope

According to the eastern horoscope, women are divided into several groups. Certain characteristics of behavior, character and life principles are characteristic of each type of woman.

The distribution of types of women according to the eastern horoscope will help the representatives of the weaker sex to learn more about themselves, and will give men the opportunity to understand things that they did not know about their partners.

Romantic women - This type of women refers to women born in the years of: Horse, Tiger, Dog. These three signs of the eastern horoscope are distinguished by an angelic appearance, but with a very complex character. These women are strong and independent, but deep down they are soft and indecisive. Romantic women are very active and energetic. They often get what they want, but in pursuit of their goals they don't think about the consequences. In love, they often suffer from disappointments. This type of women is distinguished by faithfulness and devotion in relationships. They help their partners in difficult minutes.

Strong women - This type includes women born in the years of: Taurus, Snake, Rooster. These signs are very ambitious, strong-willed, decisive and self-confident. Career and personal growth are often their priority. Love for them is a source of inspiration but also of weakness. If they get married, they face the difficult task of choosing a family, children or a career. In their relationships, they strive for leadership, but deep in their souls they dream of returning to their childhood and being small and defenseless.

Charming women - This type includes women born under the signs of: Rat, Monkey, Dragon, these women are the embodiment of femininity, weakness and sensuality. These are creatures that men worship. They value financial well-being and harmony in relationships, but they are often very capricious. In most cases, they get their way through tears and tantrums. In order to be with this type of woman, a man must satisfy them with everything.

Independent women - These are the women born in the years of the Goat, Rabbit, Boar, they possess great inner strength with which they can do incredible things. They have a special power over men. They trust their feelings and intuition more, they don't allow men to dominate them. For them, love and family are not the most important things in life. Their priorities are freedom and independence.

This article will help you answer many exciting questions about the behavior of different types of women according to the eastern horoscope