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What colors of clothing are suitable for the days of the week?

Since ancient times, people have known that each day of the week corresponds to a certain planet. The planets are the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn. Each planet has its own color. If people comply with these color requirements, they resonate with the universe and will have better luck.

An inappropriate color dissonances with nature and leads to failures.

The right color has a positive effect on the world around us, but this does not mean that all your clothes must be in the same color, there can only be one accessory that corresponds to the color of the planet that rules the day of the week.

What colors of clothing are suitable for the days of the week?


The ruler of the day is the Sun, this day brings a lot of joy, energy and creativity.

Favorable colors for the day are golden and yellow. Acceptable white, light blue, green, pink.


The day is ruled by the Moon and is characterized by instability and changeable mood.

Favorable colors are silver, white and yellow.


Tuesday is ruled by Mars, it is characterized by a lot of energy and a desire to win.

Auspicious colors red and brown.


The day is ruled by Mercury. The planet creates a favorable atmosphere and patronizes meetings and conversations.

Favorable colors yellow and white.


Jupiter rules this day. The day has positive energy and brings favorable and happy events.

Favorable colors violet, red, white, green.


Venus rules this day, it has a calm energy, but through it people experience strong feelings of love and affection.

Favorable colors are light blue, white and pink.


The ruler of the day is Saturn has a mysterious energy. It is desirable for people on this day to engage in self-knowledge.

Favorable colors are black, dark blue and gray.