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I constantly read the daily predictions in the newspapers or on the Internet, but rarely has everything come true one to one. And what is this general prediction and did it make sense?

How are horoscopes made?

When an astrologer makes a prediction, he uses a point by which to account for these events. In individual horoscopes, this point is the Ascendant. It is related to the time and place of a person's birth. From the rising sign, it is calculated which parts or signs will be responsible for finances, health, appearance, position regarding the world. For example, if the Ascendant is in Aries, such a person will be friendly, open and will take an active position in relation to everyone.

When preparing a horoscope for people of one zodiac sign, the Sun of the sign and its relationship with other signs and planets is taken as a basis. The horoscope for the zodiac sign only predicts events, but not their perception.

Whose horoscopes come true?

They come true for those who have strong personalities and possess a strong character, but if they do not come true for some representatives of the zodiac, that is normal.

Each person has his own individuality.