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How to make friends with the planets?

According to ancient astrology, seven days of the week correspond to seven planets. Each planet has its own influence on the events of the day, dreams, self-esteem. If you wish to use the power of the planets by day of the week, you can use the advice of the ancient astrologers, and plan your affairs in accordance with these influences.

Sunday - Sun

During this day you can take care of your health. If you want to travel choose the northern direction.

Monday - Moon

The moon is associated with the mind and feelings. It's Mother's Day and new beginnings. It is especially favorable to start new ventures on a new moon. In this way, you can expect a quick positive development. If you are going to travel, it would be good to choose the southern direction. Choose clothes to wear in white.

You can use this day for studying, shopping and starting a romantic relationship. On Monday, it is not advisable to make difficult decisions and you should go to bed early.

Tuesday - Mars

Mars is the main ruler of our solar system. Ruler planet of all leaders and sportsmen. Mars rules human energy and strength and endows people with courage, passion and the ability to rule. On this day, it is good to engage in healing and spiritual practices such as yoga or others that will help you reach inner harmony and calm aggression. Sports and fitness are favorable ventures for Tuesday, work, cohabitation and other ventures may lead to conflict. Do not lend money on this day and try to avoid travel, but if you do have to travel, head east .

On Tuesday it is good to wear red clothes, this is the color of the planet Mars. You must refrain from aggressive actions, and help the weak and defenseless.

Wednesday - Mercury

Mercury is the patron of business and everything related to commerce, intellect, communication, logic, science and art. Wednesday is a favorable day for investments, business, purchases and sales. On this day it is good to establish connections, start friendships and partnerships. If traveling, it would be good to go west and wear green clothes during the day. Mercury does not like those who lie, are lazy and cunning. On this day, contacts with relatives and friends are favorable.

Thursday - Jupiter

Jupiter is the patron of knowledge and a sign of spirituality, devotion and service to God. On this day, you can solve legal issues in a favorable light for you, visit temples, start construction and last but not least engage in spiritual practices. If you have to travel it would be good to choose to be in the west. During the day, wear yellow, orange and light brown clothes.


A very favorable day for various undertakings. Planet Venus is the patroness of love, art and beauty, family. Friday is good for shopping, visiting museums and theaters. If traveling, it should be in the north. During the day, clothes with light and bright tones are suitable for wearing.

Saturday - Saturn

The planet Saturn patronizes the service staff, officials, customs officers, policemen, judges, all servants who have the right to limit our freedom, but also ascetics and monks. On this day you can clean your home to take care of your health. The day is also favorable for self-development, but you can face a lot of resistance and inhibitions. The day is not favorable for marriage. During this day it would be good to refrain from travel, but if you still have to it is advisable to go south. Suitable clothes to wear are blue, gray and violet colors.