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Horoscope for compatibility between partners

With the help of the horoscope for compatibility, you can find out the future of the relationship between the partners, character traits, how they will deal with domestic problems, whether it will be possible to preserve the love between them.

In this article, we will tell you on what principle compatibility horoscopes are built.

Basic stages in building a compatibility horoscope

First of all, the reflection of the elements of each of the partners is taken into account. How does this happen?

Let's take the element of fire for example. The representative of this element is active and straightforward and is in constant development. He strives to achieve everything good not only for himself, but also for his loved one. The ideal partner for such a person is a representative of the element of air... Thus, the two elements will complement each other.

In second place are the aspects of the Sun of each of the partners. Through this procedure, it is clarified how the lovers will relate to each other on a subconscious level. Harmonious aspects suggest harmony in love, not harmonious scandals and misunderstandings.

The connection between the Sun and the Moon is responsible for the spiritual understanding between the partners. How will they accept each other on an emotional level, how comfortable are they together, can they stand together in the face of household problems.

In third place is the evaluation of the planet Mercury in the star charts of the lovers. It is understood how they talk to each other and have an understanding between them.

Other important aspects are between Mars and Venus love and passion. Harmonious aspects foreshadow a cozy life between partners, not harmonious constant jealousy, scandals on love grounds.

Then the astrological houses responsible for the marriage of each of the partners are considered. The relationships between the planets are analyzed.

It is through a complex approach that the whole picture can be seen, but the choice is always personal.