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How to find out which months of the year will be favorable?

Each month has its own emotional color. One month goes easily, another hard. To determine your most favorable and unfavorable periods you can use the following accessible method.

Example if you were born on April 14, 1982, the first month of your birth is May, the second is June, and so on.

Now we will take a detailed look at the meanings of each month after your birth:

First month after your birth - In this month, all your plans and ideas can be realized. A period full of events, a month during which it is desirable to carefully plan and not make mistakes.

Second month - The period is related to money, purchases, savings. You can confidently make plans for what purchases you can make and how to increase your income.

Third month - A good time to start new acquaintances, but you should also monitor your health.

Fourth month - A difficult month, try to keep your emotions under control and do not make unfulfillable promises. During the period, you should direct your actions to preserve peace and well-being in your family.

Fifth month - Favorable period, good mood and positive attitude will be constant companions in your life. Use your energy to realize your cherished ideas and desires, listen to your intuition, engage in self-development and lead an active life

Sixth month- During this period, your fate will depend entirely on the circumstances. Try not to make serious decisions and do not give up your opinions and views.

Seventh month- During this month, try to be diplomatic and solve the problems that have arisen peacefully. The period is not suitable for confrontation.

Eighth month- During this period in your life, emergency situations may occur. Do not be discouraged and do not give in to melancholy. Avoid injuries and accidents.

Ninth month- It's time to fulfill wishes. This month you will have the opportunity to achieve your goals. The period is suitable for travel and realization of creative projects.

Tenth month - During this period, problems with those around you are likely, it is advisable to behave discreetly and not give in to provocations.

Eleventh month - A month of positive changes, to achieve this refrain from negative emotions and behave benevolently.

Twelfth month - A period during which it is possible to make a lot of mistakes and fall under the influence of others. In order to be successful during this period, it will be necessary to concentrate on the most important matters for you and your family.

The information in this article will help you properly plan your affairs so that you can make the most of your potential.