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Women's horoscope according to the days of the week

Not only the zodiac sign determines a woman's character, but also the day she was born. This article will help you discover your essence and find an answer to many inner contradictions.

Monday - Women born on Monday are very dreamy and sensual, they are protected by the Moon. The representatives of the fair sex, who were born on this day, are capable of concessions, know how to bestow warmth and caress on their partners. They are very sensitive to the environment and hardly tolerate loneliness.

Tuesday- According to the female horoscope, those born on Tuesday are very passionate, active and independent. These are female Amazons because they were born on the day of Mars. For them, both in work and in love, it is like a war, to achieve success, all means are good.

Wednesday- This day is ruled by Mercury, women born on Wednesday are very sincere, responsive and charming.. They have many friends and admirers, but they are also very selective in their relationships. In contacts, they are very interesting, this is due to their high intelligence.

Thursday- Ladies born on Thursday are natural careerists. The day is ruled by Jupiter which helps them to be leaders in work and family. They cannot find a partner in life for a long time because their natures are strong and domineering, these qualities repel many men.

Friday - Women born on Friday are born for creativity, love and family. They are wonderful mothers, housewives. Women born on this day of the week are very emotional.

Saturday - Women born on this day are very mysterious and secretive. They rarely show their emotions and trust only selected people.

Sunday - Women born on Sunday are impulsive, mobile, active, they constantly need emotions and strong experiences. As a rule, leaders are born on this day who quickly conquer the world.