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How does the Moon affect children?

The moon influences children from their birth and very often determines their emotional type. Depending on the cycle of the Moon during which the children were born, they can be divided into three types.

Born in the new moon phase

These children are distinguished by a thirst for knowledge and a desire for new things, they love walks and sleep in the fresh air with pleasure. They quickly grasp and understand the learning material.

Born in the full moon phase

Children born during this cycle of the Moon are characterized by quick reaction, positive energy and good mood. They are active and calm at the same time. In school, they grasp the material quickly.

Born on a waning moon

These children are emotionally unstable and prone to depression. They often have stomach and sleep problems.

During the new moon, children sleep normally and their immune systems work well.

During the full moon, they become nervous, sleep poorly and are moody.