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Erotic horoscope - Leo

Leo man

He wants attention, attracts women and knows it. When he enters a room, women immediately pay attention to him, and other men envy him. He likes sports competitions in which most of them win, but only he knows how to turn a loss into a victory.

He is an extravagant type, generous and outgoing. He loves luxury and tolerates no objection on this occasion. The Leo man is a player in both life and love. He is constantly in love, this is his lifestyle. He is always happy when he is connected to an adorable creature he adores, but generally has a superficial character. If he is your husband or lover, do not make him jealous.

Sex life

Women are as necessary to him as food and water. Every new meeting he sees as an opportunity to show his prowess. The woman who has contact with him must remember the golden rule to never annoy him. What you promised must be fulfilled. Leo does not like ambiguity. As a lover he adheres to the axiom action dispels anxiety. He does not doubt himself and does not approach his partner timidly. The woman must satisfy his domineering desires and demonstrate pleasure from sex. Never refuse him, he wants the woman to obey him. He really wants his partner to stand before him on her knees in a helpless position. The back is a sensitive place. If you get his disposition, keep the agreements and always praise him. In the bedroom he is king. His favorite stone is ruby.

Leo woman

She is always ostentatious. A beautiful jewel in the window of a shop where everyone who passes by stops to admire. At some important event, it will be the most brilliant decoration. For her, there is nothing more important than men adoring and desiring her. Not only does she have to be meaningful to her friend. She must be the only one. This restriction does not apply to her. She must be free to seek admirers. He usually doesn't go looking very far. There are too many applicants. Leo women are the most popular hunters in the zodiac.

Her sex life

Do not expect her to greet you half-heartedly, as she is firmly convinced that any man is happy to have her. The Leo woman is too complacent to be aggressive. When the moment comes to reveal all her charms, she will have a slow, regal performance. In the act, he tries to dominate, but usually settles for an equal partnership. In ped play she likes to have her ears, face and neck licked gently. He also likes to run his tongue down the leg on the inside of the thigh. Her endless need to show off makes her pose the woman on top. So that the man continues to look at her and admire her. Lionesses love the French love applied by the man and insists that the pace be increased until she orgasms. Leo's need to rule directs them to very young boys, as they are more prone to blind obedience and adoration. In return, they are turned into vicious prisoners of love.


The Leo - Leo union is rare, but it is possible and even successful, provided that both of them are atypical. Interesting children are born, bright and creative.

Leo - Virgo Union filled with misunderstanding and alienation. The cold and neat Virgo fixes every little thing, at the beginning skillfully inflames Leo. But then they start to find each other a bunch of flaws.

Leo - Libra The regal Leo and the harmoniously balanced Libra. Shine, harmony, constancy await them in marriage. Libra is the most suitable partner for Leo of all the air signs.

Leo - Scorpio Union united by the strong male principle and incredible female magnetism. It gives birth to an insane passion, not subject to reason, but to live together in such tension is impossible.

Leo - Sagittarius Their love and marriage are often built on mutual authority, a common worldview and joint work. Both love adventure, travel, and are prone to gambling. Together they achieve the impossible.

Leo - Capricorn The union is difficult but possible. Capricorn is often deceived by Leo's generosity and his promises that he is unlikely to fulfill. Capricorn will wait until he realizes that he has been tricked and will leave.

Leo - Aquarius At first they feel a great attraction to each other, but then, realizing their complete opposite, they separate.

Leo - Pisces The most complex union of all Leo signs. Here, Leo is like a knight who brought the whole world as a gift to a gentle maiden. If Leo is ready for metamorphoses and follows Pisces without caution, everything will be in order.