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What kind of women do men like

Astrology can determine what female traits will attract men from different zodiac signs.

Aries man

It's no secret that the Aries man is a conqueror. To win this persona you must be elegant and charming.

Taurus man

Representatives of this zodiac sign like modest women who can handle housework. To win a Taurus man, a woman must be smart and foresight and love him very much.

Gemini man

There are always many admirers around him, but Gemini men are very capricious. They like women with a sense of humor, but strong and domineering women do not like them. That is why in most cases they also have a second marriage.

Cancer man

Male representatives of this sign are big dreamers. Since childhood, they imagine the image of the ideal companion in life. In a woman, the Cancer man is looking for her to be an excellent housewife. To win him over, you have to invite him home for dinner and charm him with the well-prepared food.

Leo man

Leo is a connoisseur of female beauty. In order to please him, you need to be in excellent shape, but also show intelligence, education and the ability to behave in society.

Virgo man

In order to win, the Virgo man must be realistic, because this sign appreciates women who can soberly assess the situation.

Libra man

The representatives of this sign will like a woman who can lead them but not obtrusively. For this, they choose smart and rational companions who know when to speak and when to be silent.

Scorpio man

They like smart and independent women. You cannot expect tenderness from them. Scorpios court in the initial period and then become domineering jealous.


Representatives of this zodiac sign like women who have a bright appearance and wayward character. To win them over you must have common interests and views.

Capricorn man

They like romantic women who are much younger than them. In this way, they try to emphasize their own importance and masculinity. In general, they are very faithful and reliable partners.

Aquarius man

It has an unpredictable nature. They look at love superficially. To win him over you must first become his girlfriend or lover and then whatever God decides.

Pisces man

Representatives of this zodiac sign like beautiful women. It is important for him that his chosen one likes his family and relatives and is an excellent housewife.