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Horoscope of the elements

The element of metal birth years ending in 0 and 1
Water element birth years ending in 2 and 3
Element of the tree birth years ending in 4 and 5
Fire element birth years ending in 6 and 7
Earth element birth years ending in 8 and 9

A fire man
First of all, he is an optimist who often creates romantic or intriguing situations with the goal of love. Adventure is an ever-moving vein in his life. Periods of success are replaced by failures like the flame of a fire. Even the most ordinary woman can make a fairy from fairy tales sleep with her and then to be disappointed. He is egocentric contacts with him can cause warmth and sincerity.

Woman fire
She sincerely believes in love with fire in her eyes and a charming contagious laugh. The stormy passionate feelings and the desire to be adored and impresses a lot. The word sexy may have been written especially for her, but don't think that she seduces you, she just plays like the fire. Possibly is to lose sleep and proper orientation but not for long and will trust intuition to get out of this situation. It is very important for her to be among people and be the center of attention. The desire for power and the high mentality reveal the wonderful qualities of a leader. She is a wonderful interlocutor orator and boldly manipulates the crowd. The family life of a fire woman can hardly be called traditional for her and she needs freedom friends and mental stimulation if you provide it.. she is yours.

Man earth
Love as virtual or platonic is not at all understandable to him, he prefers to feel everything physically and has a great need to enjoy love as he is most active in the spring. He feels very good when he has his territory or when he buys clothes, a home, a car or a villa .Divorce with division of property is just a disaster for him, he will never be the initiator of such an event or be the first to offer to create a family. In general, he does not like changes and if he finds a partner who will take good care of him, which includes food, massages Vani he will be very devoted to her, but you can count on him for these cares in difficult times.

Woman earth
The earth woman does not believe in miracles, she knows what she wants and is always in harmony not only with herself but also with the surrounding world. She may be called mercantile, but that is her style, she wants to take advantage of the gifts of nature and society .
Like Venus, the goddess of love, she is quite dexterous and skilled in contacts, cunning and capricious, selfish and jealous, who loves sweets and ornaments very much.
She is very feminine and relies on her individuality in the way she behaves and the way she dresses. As a rule, she prefers the colors of the earth, gray, black, brown.
The earth woman feels a special need for reliability and protection. She does not like changes. She perceives all the amplitudes of your feelings, turns into stone or spring rain to be reborn again.

Male metal
In suffering there is joy, what Nietzsche said is probably understood only by men of the metal element. Periods of depression are necessary for him which bring him renewal and determination. In the Chinese tradition, metal is associated with wealth. The metal man is ambitious, determined and decisive. Sex for him is a great pleasure of flirting or casual acquaintance he sees as a capricious undertaking. He carefully plans his future and if your path does not cross with his, he breaks up with you. Sometimes you think that he is devoid of feelings and emotions like a cold piece of metal, but do not forget that metal makes the most beautiful jewelry if it falls into the hands of a master.

Woman metal
You have thought that sex in any form gives power over the partner, it is this kind of power that attracts men. The metal woman perfectly understands that power in love gives her many opportunities such as prestige, honors, money and, most importantly, independence.

Tree man
Materiality and jealousy are absent from his character, he sees his sexual relations as a lesson in intellectual cooperation. As a rule, he is very knowledgeable and may have a large library. His motto is all men are brothers.

Woman tree
The true predilections of the tree woman are talking on the phone in work at home with occasion and without occasion. It is the natural state of the tree to rustle with its leaves. Because of her sociability, she is very knowledgeable. The tree woman does not like restrictions, her personal life is her property.

Water man
The man representative of this element is emotionally labile and can easily enter a state of trance, it is difficult for him to understand each other. He is interested in everything related to mysticism and religion. He loves life and its diversity very much, and for this reason it is very easy to get out of the way. The water man often accepts a love role but can also radically change his plans. He often falls in love but fears that this force can destroy him.

Woman water
This is a capricious and cunning nature that bewitches many men and fills the heart of women with rage. Romantic meetings are important for her, as well as sex, she strives for long-term relationships, but on the other hand, she is drawn to diversity. If she finds a man who protects her, cares for her and gives her freedom, she will calm down, for her it is absolutely necessary to avoid conflicts and disagreements that lead to disharmonious relationships.