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How to raise the young Leo?

Most Leos like to be the center of attention at school, often standing at the head of the class. As they grow older, the opposite sex begins to attract them and they often fall in love, but also often fall out of love. Their feelings are violent and often dramatic. In order to grow and experiment, both sexes need freedom, which they will use well if they are already used to discipline.

Leo girls may go through a real tomboy phase because naturally, they are happiest when their bodies are in motion.


The young Leo needs a lot of love and sincere compliments. He and she also need a good balance of affection and discipline, lots of hugs and praise for their achievements.


The young Leo should learn early on that it is unworthy to overdo boasting. Thanks to their friendly lion nature, Leo children are liked by everyone, even strangers. They need to be watched very carefully until they are old enough to understand that not everyone is as good-hearted as they are.

The young Leo must learn to participate in the housework. If this is not done, loving parents can find themselves with a little tyrant on their hands.

It should be explained to him or her that it is important to study regularly, they should also be aware of the rights of others. He or she must learn to manage money, including the need to save money, as Leos tend to spend lavishly.