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Black Moon- Lilith how does it affect the signs?

The Black Moon is a fictitious point that influences the human subconscious. This is the dark side of the moon. To find out what temptations you will be subjected to, you need to find out in which sign of your star chart Lilith is located.

Black Moon in Aries - desire for power and material success for which no means are supported.

Black Moon in Taurus - low emotionality, laziness, stinginess.

Lilith in Gemini - Unnecessary contacts, intrigues and slander occupy the life of the Black Moon in Gemini.

Black Moon in Cancer - tendency to domestic tyranny. Dominance over the immediate environment.

Black Moon in Leo - many complexes on the subject of creative successes. Pretentiousness and ostentatiousness.

Black Moon in Virgo - pettiness, great stinginess that leads to mental exhaustion.

Lilith in Libra - neglecting one's own desires in order to satisfy the demands of other people. Masochism and arrogance.

Black Moon in Scorpio - propensity for violence to get what they set out to do.

Black Moon in Sagittarius - mania for greatness, spread of false knowledge.

Lilith in Capricorn - despotism, tyranny. Closed life.

Black Moon in Aquarius - a great desire to be free and independent. Indiscriminate love affairs.

Black Moon in Pisces - a desire to help people who are turning their backs on their lives. An unrealistic assessment of reality.

The best way to remove your dark side is to understand and realize it, thus you will work off your karmic obligations in your life path.