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The signs of the zodiac according to the Mayan calendar

The Mayans did not have the slightest idea of the signs of the zodiac, but they believed in the influence of the stars on human life, and they also believed that a certain animal corresponds to each individual.

Otter - from January 20 to February 18

People of this sign are distinguished by non-standard behavior. They hardly understand them. Their advantage is good intellect and imagination.. Otters are very caring, but still everything depends on their upbringing. . At the beginning of their life path, their psyche must be guarded and guided. to go on the right path.

Wolf - from February 19 to March 20

The wolf personifies love, but at the same time it values its independence and therefore finds it difficult to establish relationships. In everything else, wolves are generous and passionate people.

Falcon - from March 20 to April 19

Representatives of this sign do not like to celebrate. They are considered leaders and find solutions even in the most difficult situations. They value their time and prefer to act rather than talk. Falcons are businessmen by nature and take the initiative into their own hands. They are sometimes quite arrogant.

Beaver - from April 20 to May 20

They always try to take the initiative in their own hands. If they take up something, they bring it to a successful end. Their only minus is that they get carried away a lot. They are good leaders truthful and loyal.

Deer - from May 21 to June 20

According to the Indians, Elena carries a special meaning and personifies a muse. Thus, people under this sign are able to inspire their surroundings. They perfectly predispose the person with whom they are in contact, at the same time they are unsurpassed interlocutors.

Woodpecker - from June 21 to July 21

According to the Indians, they are the most polite people, they will always listen to you and in the most difficult situation they will help you. In life, they show themselves as good parents and partners. Modesty adorns the representatives of this sign.

Salmon - from July 22 to August 21

The life of Salmon is full of adventures and this is not accidental because they are full of energy and enthusiasm. Working in a team with Salmon is a gift. Salmon helps a lot and is a pleasure to work with.

Bear - from August 22 to September 21

For the Bear, practicality and logic come first. Their modesty and shyness make them excellent business partners. Thanks to their great patience, they become teachers.

Raven - from September 22 to October 22

Representatives of this sign have great charm and can easily influence people. Ravens quickly absorb useful and necessary information. They are entrusted with politics and diplomacy. In general, they are very romantic and quiet people.

Snake - from October 23 to November 22

The representatives of this sign have a strong energy and many of them are spiritual leaders or doctors. For this they need to be respected and honored. They are very secretive and live in their own world. They are passionate and exciting lovers. Because of their emotionality, they have sudden mood swings.

Owl - from November 21 to December 21

The Indians considered them difficult people. They have an increased risk of recklessness. By nature, they are hunters, firefighters or public figures. They adapt quickly. In general, they are very happy people, but they need a goal to strive for.

Goose - from December 22 to January 19

These people have big ambitions. Their tenacity is proverbial. They are successful and practical in everything. They love contests and competition.