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External signs of signs

See what are the most common external signs for the representatives of each of the zodiac signs


Most representatives of the Aries zodiac sign are tall and handsome. The most characteristic features of the representatives of the zodiac sign Aries are broad shoulders and a long neck. Their face in most of the representatives of the sign is oblong. Their gaze is insightful. Some representatives of the Aries zodiac sign have scars on their face, which in most cases are obtained from accidents or fights during disputes.


Most of the representatives of the Taurus sign are rounded. They have a heavy gait and their every step is measured, a round face and nice skin. The eyes are large and soulless. Short but powerful neck, and the shoulders are square in shape.


People of this sign are tall and firmly on their feet. They are very highly socially active, have long arms and often gesture with them.


The faces of the representatives of the zodiac are of several types. The first large head with protruding cheekbones and not very large eyes. The second type have round faces and a wide smile. The third type is a mixture between the above, but with very pronounced cheekbones. People can tell very quickly what their state of mind is by the expression on their faces.


Many of the representatives of the zodiac have a presentable appearance. They look majestic in society and thus attract the attention of society. The faces of most of the representatives of the zodiac have an oval shape with very large eyes. The main pride of Lions is their hair.


The representatives of the zodiac have a beautiful and pleasant face. They also have a high forehead, a straight nose and a large jaw.


This is the only sign that does not have characteristic external marks on its appearance. In most cases, they have beautiful faces with correct features and a very charming smile that is remembered for a long time.


Very often Scorpios have a broad forehead and a massive neck and are of medium height but still look slim. The most important feature of the zodiac is their eyes. Color and shape are in various variations, but their gaze is of great insight.


Many Sagittarians have athletic bodies that radiate great dynamism. They have pleasant faces topped with a broad smile. Very graceful hands, bright eyes and gaze and a great sense of humor.


They have a well-built body. They have a confident gait and are always responsible for their actions.


Aquarians, for the most part, have a very dreamy look. With a few graceful movements and a nice face. When they have a clear goal, they do everything possible to realize it. For the most part, they are the dissidents of the zodiac.


A distinctive sign of the representatives of the zodiac is the dreamy look. Accompanied by the shape of the head with a slightly tall stature. In most of their actions, they are quite clumsy and unpretentious to what is happening around them.