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Magic pillow

Everyone has a favorite pillow with which they feel wonderful, but do you know that a pillow can give you not only a sound sleep but also make you rich.

The first soft pillows appeared in Greece, they were richly decorated and looked like works of art. That's why pillows at that time mainly served to decorate the rooms.

In order for the pillow to become your financial assistant, it must look different.

What should the magic pillow be?

First of all, the pillow must have a certain shape and color. The best shape is round, but you can also make a pillow in the shape of a horseshoe, which is considered a symbol of success, also a horseshoe is a symbol of hard work and fruitful results. The color should be red. The red color is a symbol of accumulation.. You should not sleep on this pillow.

How is the pillow used?

It sounds funny, but many occultists advise us to sit on our magic pillow at least once a day. The pillow will activate us and the beneficial results will not be late.

Many eastern peoples have a belief in placing the symbols of prosperity and abundance under their workplace. For this you need to put your magic pillow at your work place on your work chair. It would be good to spend more time on your pillow every Wednesday. Because Wednesday is the day of Mercury, patron of finances. When you receive money, first put it on the pillow and then in your wallet. Thus, the pillow will help you improve your financial situation and reliably protect your funds.

If you want sweet dreams, choose a soft and comfortable pillow, but to be successful, use the recommendations of occultists.

Wish you success and prosperity!