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Properties of minerals

Semi-precious stones and minerals are very suitable for giving or receiving as a gift. In addition to beauty, many of them also have healing properties, and if you give someone a crystal with such properties, it means that you are giving them health.

In this article, we will introduce you to the properties of some semi-precious stones and minerals.

Pink quartz

Rose quartz has a soft energy. It helps heal the heart from both physical and emotional ailments. Rose quartz is a suitable gift for those who need to learn to love themselves.


This is a very useful mineral that protects a person from the negative energy of those around him. It is desirable to clean this mineral regularly. At the end of each week, minerala should be placed in a glass of clean water to remain there overnight. In the morning the water is thrown away and the stone is dried and ready to go into action again.

Lapis lazuli

This stone has the ability to solve riddles, remove emotional barriers and help solve complex tasks.


This mineral also has a silver metallic color and helps to avoid problems. We can wear it to an interview or other events important to us. He will help us feel comfortable so that we can show ourselves in our best light.


This mineral helps people not to be critical of their immediate surroundings.


This stone has strong energy and healing abilities. Amethyst can reduce anxiety, relieve us from stress and make our behavior prudent.


This mineral is a counselor of a great order. The Indians considered him a spiritual guide. Turquoise can help people who want to deal with spiritual things.


It helps to break negative habits. It helps to remove everything old from our life to make way for the new.


The mineral helps to be cheerful and helps to attract abundance and personal power.