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Ritual at the new moon - starting a new life

The time of the new moon is considered favorable for starting new ventures and also for ending unnecessary relationships. On the day of the new moon, it is a good time to close an old page of our life and open a new one. On this day, our thoughts and wishes come true, we feel inspiration.

There is a proven practice for a new moon ritual. A special ritual that will help you start new projects and thus change your life.

New Moon Ritual

For the ritual, you need a quiet and peaceful place, an ordinary candle, a scented candle, a pen and a notebook.

Setting up for the ritual

Relax and forget about all your worries and problems. Light the candles, open the notebook that must be new. On the first page, write: I will make every effort to fulfill what I have conceived and written.

Write down all the undertakings that you plan to implement during this lunar month. The list can consist of several undertakings or only one main one. Don't rush to think about what you want to achieve during this Lunar month, don't miss the simple things like meeting old friends or attending social events.

If some of your wishes do not come true during this period, you can repeat your unfulfilled wishes at each new new moon.

Do not forget to include in this list also things that you want to get rid of, such as stopping smoking, reducing your weight or others.

The main thing is to have unreserved faith in the ritual and the results will not be late.