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Magical powers of wooden utensils

Today, wooden utensils are rather exotic. In the search for practicality, design, people completely forgot about their advantages, which can bring to our life wooden partitions.

Many psychics and occultists are of the same opinion that wooden utensils endow a person with energy. Even among the ancient Slavs, the tree helped restore good relations between people. The problematic people made them eat from a wooden pan. In this way, they smoothed out the conflicts between them.

To protect yourself from evil eyes and ill-wishers in your home, you should have a wooden cup made of birch. In addition, utensils made of birch will charge you with astral energy and new powers.

If you are facing a serious test, drink tea prepared in a cup made of walnut. In this way, your intuition will be strengthened and will tell you how to act.

Dishes made of aspen can preserve the healing properties of herbs. Consuming food with crockery made from weeping willow can potentially bring you great insights.