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Amulets. What is an amulet?

The word amulet comes from Latin and is translated as an object that protects an individual from misfortunes.

An amulet can be anything - a small honey shell, a stone, a diamond ring, or an old horseshoe. Its most important quality is its written power to protect its owner from misfortunes and bring him happiness.

It is impossible to imagine a magical action without amulets, talismans, magic stones corresponding to the zodiac signs and doing a variety of things. For centuries mages have sought from the infinite variety of earth's riches certain metals and minerals. Each of them served a specific action. The collections of professional magicians often resemble a museum of minerals.
From the table you can find out which mineral helps what.

Granite - for stability of family life, relationships between people.

Quartz - for clairvoyance, insight, strengthening intuition, clarifying things.

Mountain Crystal - used as a stone set in a ring or as a crystal sphere for harmonizing. In nervous diseases, overload.

Agate - to protect against colds, to protect children from lessons, an accident.

Tiger's eye - protects against evil forces, car accidents, against bewitching of houses.

Turquoise - against cheating, to protect infants from diseases.

Diamond - a diamond over three carats is used to remove obstacles of any kind.

Aquamarine - for fulfillment of wishes, for easy pregnancy and successful birth, for money at home.

Amethyst - stone of love

Pearl - protects against clairvoyance lessons.

The minerals listed above will help you strengthen your courage and improve your life.